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Unit Test frameworks supported by TestDox

February 28, 2010 Leave a comment

With most automated unit testing frameworks, attributes are placed in the source code at the class and method level when writing the unit tests.

TestDox’s support for unit testing frameworks is based on the use of attributes which are read using good old .NET reflection. When executed, TestDox reflects assemblies and looks for attributes with certain names on classes and methods.

TestDox’s default unit testing framework support

Out of the box, TestDox supports MSTest and Nunit but can easily support any other attribute based testing framework by specifying command line arguments.

TestDox’s default attribute names for test classes are:

  • TestClass (or TestClassAttribute)
  • TestFixture (or TestFixtureAttribute)

TestDox’s default attribute names for test methods are:

  • TestMethod (or TestMethodAttribute)
  • Test (or TestAttribute)

Supporting other unit testing frameworks in TestDox

TestDox can be easily configured to look for other test attributes from the command line.

To do this, just use the command line arguments /class and /method to specify the attribute class names that TestDox should look for in your unit test assemblies.

For example:

TestDox /class:MyTestClassAttribute /method:MyTestMethodAttribute

See help for more details