What is VersionUpdater?

VersionUpdater is a simple command line tool for .NET developers to automatically increment version numbers when building .NET assemblies from Visual Studio or your automated build scripts.

How can I do with VersionUpdater?

VersionUpdater can be incorporated into the pre-build event of a .NET project or into a build script to automatically set or increment some or all of the 4 part version number:

  • major
  • minor
  • build
  • revision

VersionUpdater does not handle checking in/out of assembly info files – it’s just a simple command line tool that handles the setting or incrementing of an assembly version number.

If you have a multi-project solution then you should consider using a single AssemblyInfo file as explained here. This will then allow VersionUpdater to update the version number for all of the projects in your solution in one hit.

VersionUpdater is used when building TestDox.

What next?

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