VersionUpdater Help

VersionUpdater command line help:

VersionUpdater command line help

VersionUpdater command line help

The following command line arguments are supported (all case insensitive, any order):


<value> is the name of the file to update
defaults to AssemblyVersionInfo.cs


<value> is the name of the attribute to update
defaults to AssemblyFileVersion


<value> is a version major number or * to increment (optional)


<value> is a version minor number or * to increment (optional)


<value> is a build number or * to increment (optional)


<value> is a revision number or * to increment (optional)

VersionUpdater command line examples

Here are a few example command line calls to VersionUpdater:
VersionUpdater.exe /file:AssemblyVersionInfo.cs /attribute:AssemblyFileVersion /major:1 /minor:0 /build:* /revision:0
VersionUpdater.exe /build:*

VersionUpdater pre-build event example

Here’s the pre-build event for the TestDox console project:


Here’s what it means:

  • there is a folder named BuildTools under the solution directory
  • the BuildTools folder contains VersionUpdater.exe
  • there is an AssemblyVersionInfo.cs file in the solution directory
  • the AssemblyVersionInfo.cs file contains the version number in the AssemblyFileVersion attribute
  • by including the /build:* argument VersionUpdater will increment the build number
When we do a build from VS, the output from the build will include this:
Updating attribute AssemblyFileVersion in file C:\TestDox\AssemblyVersionInfo.cs
Found version: [assembly: AssemblyFileVersion("")]
Updated version: [assembly: AssemblyFileVersion("")]

This means that the version has successfully been incremented from to

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